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"The worlds smallest 15.6-inch laptop packs powerhouse performance and a stunning InfinityEdge display all in Dell's most powerful XPS laptop."

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Re-use? My XPS 9550 is broken, but my 4k display is (probably) okay

Hey Together!,
I have a broken Dell XPS 9550 with (working) 4k display…

Now I stick with the display cover and its 4k panel inside. Is there any way to re-use this display with a HDMI or Display-port controller as an external monitor?

Do I have to remove the LCD out of the cover for this? I don’t now how to get it out. But maybe the connectors to the mainboard already meet a standard and I can buy just some controller board to use it as a external monitor….

Does anyone know exactly which 4k display Dell used for this XPS? It is probably written on the back, but since I don’t know yet how to remove the panel from the cover, I can’t see it.

Thank for reading :) Hope I can still use this brilliant piece of tech somehow.
Greetings, Rodewyn.

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Hi @rodewyn ,

Here’s the service manual for the laptop, taken from this webpage.

Go to p.69 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the display assembly.

Once you have the display panel out, check on the back for the make and model number of the panel. Then search online for (insert make and model number) datasheet to hopefully find it online.

The datasheet will have the video cable connector pin-out for the panel which will give information as to what each of the wires that are connected via the video cable to the panel are used for.

Alternatively, find the laptop’s motherboard’s board number (printed on the motherboard itself) and search online for (insert board number) schematic, to hopefully find the schematics for the motherboard. This will also give you the pin-out for the video cable connection to the display panel.

Once you have the pin-out then you will know how to connect a controller board to the panel as laptop LCD panels are not all wired the same.

Hopefully this is of some help

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Thank you for your help :)

%#*@ I am so close, but stuck at page 78, I fail shifting that black cover from" figure 5" to the right. I just can't make it move...


Hi @rodewyn

It hasn't already shifted and all you have to do is lift it, has it?


Now, but now it is of!! :) I was afraid to use too much force. Now the antenna and the hinges are also of. The last hurdle to take now is get the back cover from the LCD screen and touch panel. maybe I need some courage again to use enough force, but I don't want to bend the screen while I am pulling ;)


Hi, did you every get this to work. I am in the same situation, would like to use my old Dell XPS as an additional monitor.


@dptbwd this will totally depend on what panel your display is. For that you do have to take it apart (remove from the assembly). With the number from the back of the panel, do an online search for a Universal LCD driver. It'll allow you to do something like this Universal LCD driver Technique BTW 8 years later and I still use this p[anel (now on my inspection microscope :-)

It all will depend on your panel make and model!


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The 4k Infinity Edge Display (with Touchscreen) on the 9550 XPS 15" is a:

  • Sharp LQ156D1JW31.
  • CN-07PHPT-M2261-610-1179-A02
  • DP/N 07PHPT
  • Barcode: 2855-A-16115-1-YHA2048


The large cable going to the motherboard carries the display and webcam signals.

The smaller cable goes to the touchscreen multiplexer.

Warning, the display is stuck in with very strong adhesive on the left and right edges, but not the top and bottom.

I broke mine so you hopefully don't have to. Hopefully this is of help.

I also found this link which confirms my findings - https://www.reddit.com/r/Dell/comments/o...

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In this situation I would recommend selling the assembly as a spare part to others. If you don't want to do that, then it would be possible to construct an adapter from the standard 40 pin eDP connector to the non-standard connector that Compal (the OEM for the XPS 9550) have used in the design. As @adamboutcher has already said, the connector carries 4 lanes of eDP signals, and also USB for the webcam.

A (more ambitious) alternative would be to create an adapter from the non-standard Compal/Dell connector to straight from the Dell connector to USB + DisplayPort.

The pinout and part number for the Dell connector is available in the schematic for the XPS 9750 (which leaked).

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