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Die Xbox One X (Modell 1787) ist die neueste leistungsstarke Spielekonsole von Microsoft, die die Xbox One S ablöst. Die Xbox One X wurde am 7. November 2017 veröffentlicht.

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Power Arcing when plugging in cable.

When plugging in my power cable, I can hear electrical arcing. When the plug is moved, it stops in certain positions. I then hear two quite internal beeps. I assume an internal power signal. After the arcing has happened, the Xbox won’t turn on for several minutes. I assume it’s gone into some surge protection mode. Can anyone confirm this and would changing the power model fix the issue?

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Its a good start, if it still does this then you have a serious problem on the board possibly the powerrails Mosfets blown.


Another this is the mainboard may have its X clamp or other screws overtightend causing massive shorts inside the layers of the board because of the compression this does fry things and unfortunately can destroy the board. Steve from TronixFix has a video on this problem the first console shown... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUjA7vCB...


Never heard of an over tightened Xclamp causing 'massive shorts'

Mostly because it's nearly impossible to overtighten the xclamp, when you screw the black screws into the xclamp you're not tightening it, you're fixing it to the chassis. the clamp itself provides the correct downforce on the heatsink.

Also the video Aidan linked is for an Xbox one S and refers not to the Xclamp being tightened, but the power supply fixing being misaligned when re-assembled. Again, this is for an Xbox one S so does not apply to the Xbox one X as they use different power supplies and different methodology of mechanical fixing to the chassis.

Have you tried to use a different power lead first of all? could be a bad connection on the lead.

Failing that strip down the PSU and have a look for signs of burning, flash over or blown capacitors.

if you have any of those then look at either repairing or replacing the PSU.


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Dave  not a whole lot of things to confirm. What you are describing sound like an issue with the power supply. Disassemble your Xbox and replace the power supply. Then re-evaluate.

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I've removed the PSU, tested it in isolation and the same issue occurs. I've ordered a replacement PSU to install.


replacing the PSU solved the issue?


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