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Released May 2015, identified by model number SM-T350. Features 8.0″ TFT capacitive touchscreen, 5 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth.

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Tablet WIFI Keeps disconnecting at random times.

I have had this tablet for multiple years, and recently the WIFI on it has started to randomly disconnect. The internet my family has is pretty strong and this problem is only affecting my tablet, my phones and laptop are perfectly fine when it comes to the wifi.

I tried multiple solutions online, but IDK if I have tried all the solutions. I even tried the simplest solution and turned off my wifi and turned it back on, but it didn’t work.

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Still in need of a solution for this problem!!! I am really annoyed at my tablet randomly doing this at times!!!!!!


Im having the same problem all of a sudden. I have had my tab for 2 years now and its JUST started to do this all the time. Wifi is fine and only my tablet is effected. So so frustrating.


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Try a network reset and see if this resolves the problem.

Go to Settings > General management > Reset > Reset network settings > Reset.

This will delete your current network configurations and restore the default values so you will have to re-enter the information again when you go to connect to a network.

If still no good then does the problem happen when you’re using the tablet as close as possible to the WiFi router, i.e. ~30cm? If not then there may be an antenna problem in the tablet.

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Network reset did NOT work.

The router my family uses in in the basement, which is as of right now my sisters room, and I am sure she won't let me down there to test my tablet problems for 5 min.



Maybe make an offer of doing a favour for her or something in return although since you said that it is random perhaps 5 minutes won't be long enough to find out.



You have to try eliminating things to come to a solution.

If you can't have very close access to your home network WiFi router then try using one at a friend's house etc.

With electronic devices it is not always the same fault in every similar/same device that produces the same symptoms every time. It can be different faults that show the same symptoms.

With a random problem you have to eliminate possible causes, one by one until you can use the tablet without any problem and then you have to find the cause., but at least you know how it works with no problems. As I said first up, eliminate the antenna as the problem and if it is still there then try something else.

Use the tablet in safe mode for a while to see if the problem still happens. If it doesn't then it is a downloaded app that is the cause of the problem. The trick is to find out which one.


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Hi @ZigZag Queen

Try using the tablet as close as possible to the WiFi router e.g. <30cm and check if the connection remains stable. Being random you may have to use it this way for a while to know for sure.

If it stays connected it may be an antenna problem in the tablet.

Please confirm the make and model number of your tablet?

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