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Coby TFTV 2425 Overscan over HDMI

For some reason, if I connect my computer over VGA, it fills the screen perfectly at 1080p but if I connect my computer over HDMI, there is overscan and the picture is cut off. I checked the settings menu but I tried all the options in the TV menu and the picture size was set to normal and it didn’t fix the overscan issue. Is there any way to fix this overscan issue?

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Same on my LG old ish tv


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Hi @jimmysofat6864 ,

Have you tried altering the resolution (frequency) of the display in the computer?

If set to 60Hz (maybe shown as 59.xxxHz) try a lower frequency (if possible).

If Win 10 is the OS go to Settings > System > Display > Advanced display settings > refresh rate

Update (11/14/2020)


Presumably you tried using the TV control buttons as well? Go to Menu > Picture > Advanced video setting > Aspect ratio as well as trying this when using a different input type, coax, Composite video etc?

The only things that I suggest now is to either try a different HDMI cable if you haven't already done so, just to eliminate it as the possible problem or try resetting the TV back to its default settings and see if this re-enables the aspect ratio function. Go to Menu > Settings > reset to default.

If still no good then there may be a problem with the firmware or the HDMI controller in the TV. You could try contacting Coby and ask their technical support why the aspect ration function is not working if it only affects the HDMI input.

Alternatively if you do want to use it with the laptop, try connecting the laptop to the TV's Component video/audio inputs via a converter (supplier example only) and check if that works OK

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I have tried changing it to 59i, 59p, and 60i and it made no difference. Also the button labeled picture size on my remote cycles through wide and normal but does nothing onscreen.


Hi @jimmysofat6864,

Does the picture alter i.e. normal, zoom, wide or cinema when viewing from another signal source e.g. an antenna or a dvd player connected to the HDMI input?


I have attached an Xbox to the HDMI output and the normal and wide settings do nothing and the overscan still persists.


I plugged in my Xbox over the rca cables and the picture resize buttons actually do something but on HDMI, they do nothing. The tv control buttons also don’t do anything on HDMI but does change things on the rca input. A factory reset and another HDMI cable doesn’t seem to fix anything.


I think I might have to eliminate calling customer support as the one you listed, the email address is dead and the phone number leads to somebody else now. The phone number and email in the manual also don't work.


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