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Repair information for the Apple Earphones that include a remote and microphone. Released in 2009. Model number: MB770G/B.

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How do I open the case containing the buttons and the mic?

As the cable was bit off by the cat nearby the remote part, i want to check out if I can fix it somehow.

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Depending on how much excess wire you have left, you could always splice a new pair of headphones into the controller. Of course, you'll need the TRRS (tip ring ring sleeve) connector for it to work.

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dude, exactly, how do you open the case without breaking it, so you'll be able to put it back together?


the back of the remote just pops off if you can slip a fingernail in there. or mine did. but my remote has been quirky since week two of owning it so maybe its just me. the back is held on with two sets of two tiny clips, should be easy enough to remove.


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Thank you Josh !

I'm adding and image to show how are the clips that holds the back in place.

The metal plate is glued to the back, so I've added some to hold it again in place.

Block Image

It was impossible for me to add it rotated. You can find it as it is in this link:


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