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Why does the speaker keep skipping every 3-5 seconds

my flip 5 whenever connected to my or anyone phone seems to play the music perfectly for about 3 minutes then starts skipping every 3-5 seconds. I have already tried JBL support and factory resetting it. Any Ideas?

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It can be any one of the reasons, including:

  • Low battery
  • Interference from other electronic devices or radio waves
  • Your device is not compatible or no longer supported
  • The device is outside of the Bluetooth range/Bluetooth signal might not be strong enough and stable enough
  • The Bluetooth app has a bug

You can just troubleshoot one by one until it fixes the issue.

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What if u did all of this and still nothing? And it still skips I have samsung a21 phone and flip 5


I got the same phone and same problem with the flip 5 but when I hooked it up to my charge 4 it worked perfectly.


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