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Die 2013er Neuauflage des Mac Desktops, bekannt als Mac Pro.

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Totally dead trash can MacPro

I have three of them in use for my post production company and just have one stopped working / no power on. Totally dead without light on switch or no activities.

Tried all standard reset cmos procedure but still no luck. No service center in Myanmar and no spare . Please point me to pin point the fault part! Thanks

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With noting to work off of you have to look at the more obvious possibility! You likely have a dead power supply Mac Pro Ende 2013 Netzteil tauschen

Following the guide to Step 8 and then jumping down to Step 18 and stopping at Step 20. At that point you have access to the power feeds so you can test the voltage to see if you are getting any power.

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mp-2013-late.pdf Here is the Repair manual. Hope this helps

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