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The Chrysler 300 was designed as a modern interpretation of the Chrysler C-300, featuring a large grille, long hood and low roofline that was prominent on those vehicles.

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Iding high n breaks

So I have a Chrysler Sebring 2009 which is not an option on here but if anyone knows I have a problem with idling high but the idling doesn't make the car move or anything it just idles High then when I go to press on mybreak feels stiff but not all the time only when it idles High and feels like the car wants to go somewhere but it doesn't then I go to press on my break and it's so stiff as if my brakes were not blood right anyone know what this can or can be.

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Also the signs that come on is my gas cap the brake and then like this lightning bolt that's red


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So from my self repair experience you may have a dirty Throttle Body, or possibly just broken altogether. It’s easy enough to diagnose yourself, almost as simple as replacing a headlight. You’d start by finding the air line that goes from your air filter to the top of the engine, in between along that air flow tube you should see an aluminum body with what looks like a body pack attached, remove the air flow tube to expose that being careful to not let anything fall in there and check if the valve (brass spinning disc that controls the amount of air flow allowed into the engine) is filled with gunk or if the aluminum body inside has any gunk that could impede the free movement of the valve. if that is the case DO NOT FORCE THE VALVE TO MOVE, this could ruin some calibration with your acceleration that would take recalibrating. You’ll want to find a throttle body cleaner to use on that and very carefully with minimal movement to the valve itself spray on the cleaner (make sure its absolutely meant for throttle body) let it sit for a minute and procede to carefully scrape that gunk as clean as possible. This should fix the unstable idling.

As far as the stiff breaks, it could be its own problem that seems to be connected, id recommend check your fluids and bleeding the brakes out of precaution and all comes to worse find someone to diagnose your calipers and abs pump which may be causing the issue.

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Judging by all the lights coming on though, you may want to do a thorough diagnosis it seems a lot of different things could be problematic, the battery lights could suggest something like a bad alternator or some other electrical problem usually with the charging system, the gas cap can be as simple as replacing it sometimes they wear out and stop sealing properly so its worth just replacing to ensure thats all good if it is still on then definitely go ahead and get it diagnosed by someone with the proper equipment and don't be afraid to get a second opinion to cover all your grounds.


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