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The HP Omen is a light weight gaming notebook released in 2016.

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Spilled sugary soda on power supply adapter. What do I do?

I accidentally spilled a fair amount of soda on my laptops power adapter brick. What do I do? I had immediately disconnected the power supply from the laptop (tank god it was off) and the outlet. I dried it off as best as I could and surprisingly there is not much on the web about this specific topic. Can I rinse the unit with warm water and dry it out in a bag of rice or do I replace the whole unit? So far on the outside it doesn't look compromised but that may necessarily not be the case for the internal components.

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normally power adapter are well shut.

concerns now i think is those connector, e.g. to power and to laptop.

for me i will clean those with wet tissue and put it at some place warm.

ensure it is well dried and you can try powering it again, maybe around few hours or etc.


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assuming the power brick does not have slots or holes in it for heat dissipation just wipe it down with a wet wipe. as long as it wasnt submerged it should be ok

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