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Dritte Generation des Surface Pro Tablets ab 20.Juni 2014

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Type cover/keyboard not working

My Surface Pro4 keyboard/ “type cover” stopped working. I tried it on another identical Surface Pro3 and it worked fine. I’ve been using a Brydge keyboard, which connects via bluetooth and that works fine, but when I snap on the magnetically attached keyboard that came with the Surface Pro it does nothing. It could be a connection problem, but I have cleaned the contacts to no avail. I at first suspected it was a glitch in a Windows update, but there have been many updates since then that did not correct the failure.

Anyone with experience with this please help. Thanks!

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I have worked on a Brydge keyboard last week. Complaint was will not charge or come on. Opened it up and found two loose screws and several streped screws on plate holding the keypads. Disconnected the touchpad and it started charging. Touchpad shorted. brydge will not sale the touchpad to fix the problem. Avoid brydge products. They will not support or sale parts.

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Similar issue (not charging/will not come on). Tried option above. Question: Did you disconnect touchpad by disconnecting ribbon cable to touchpad or was there a connection on the keyboard as well? (dumb question, I know, just verifying to ensure I follow same process).




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