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The Acer Chromebook 15 cb3-532-c47c is a Chromebook computer sold by Acer.

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How do I delete. " this setting is managed by your administrator"?

I am the owner. I am trying to connect my acer chromebook to my android phone and it won't let me. It says this setting is managed by your administrator. How do i fix it and delete it?

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Google provides instructions for connecting your Android phone to your Chromebook. Note that you have to be logged into the same Google account on both devices. See the page titled "Connect your Android phone to your Chromebook - Chromebook Help".

If you're being restricted by an Administrative policy, you'll need to remove the Chromebook from the managed network. Outside of contacting the network administrator, the only other way to do it is to wipe it completely, assuming the “forced re-enrollment” setting is not enabled (which it is by default). It's also possible that Developer Mode that's used to wipe the computer is blocked by your administrator. See "How to Reset a Managed Chromebook (School, Work, or Enterprise) - Complete Tutorial (2022)" for the complete set of instructions.

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Go into Control Panel > User Profiles and make sure you are the administrator. If not, change the account type.

If you don't have Pro version where Group Policy has been set to manage settings, then it could be a bug, possible caused by your antivirus. So I'd first uninstall the Antivirus to try running with built-in Defender which always offers best Windows performance with least issues, and is from Microsoft who knows how to protect their OS best.

This can also be caused by a wrong setting or a few wrong registry values.

See also the fixes here:



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You might have understood this person's problem. It's a Chromebook, not a Windows laptop. Currently have the same issue.


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