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A laptop by Lenovo that can function as a tablet.

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After open bottom cover a Motherboard part attached to magnet in cover

While doing a SSD swap, I removed the Bottom Cover, when preparting to assembly I notice a part of the motherboard attached to a magnet in the cover

Block Image

See where the item is missing

Block Image

You can see in this picture how the part should be (but is actually loose already)

Block Image

and how the cover has a magnet there (I assume is for cover detection)

Block Image

After this happened the Laptop is not powering on. Can we repair/re-attached the component? If a new motherboard is required, how can we avoid from happen again? the loose component is almost in direct contact with the magnet once installed the cover

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Alejandro Ontiveros  the component is a simple 1µH fixed inductor. I would not even doubt that you can resolder the one you have. As for preventing it, that will be a bit tougher. I’d try a few layers of aluminium foil over the inductor to prevent it from sticking to the magnet.

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