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Vodafone is a global telecommunications company based in London, England. The company manufactures cellular phones in addition to operating cellular networks.

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How do I replace the screen?

My screen is cracked on my phone, and I would like to repair it. Is it possible to do this myself? I have limited experience of doing such things but I am quite careful and patient with delicate things, and would rather not get a new phone if I can repair it. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Virginia,

If you want help, you must state your exact make and model of phone.

Otherwise no one will be able to help you. They are all different.


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Depending on the phone you have you can probably even look it up on this website for your phone model/ what your phone is called (persay LG stylo 6) and there should be a screen replacement tutorial for you, so yes if you have all of the right tools you can fix your screen yourself (you may have to order a new screen and the tools if you dont already have these items you need).

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