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A laptop by Lenovo that can function as a tablet.

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Is replacing the power adapter jack possible?

Is replacing the power adapter jack possible? Would that mean unsoldering it from the mainboard, finding a replacement jack, and then soldering the jack into the mainboard? That sounds pretty adventurous.

Yoga 720-13IKB (Type 81C3) Laptop (ideapad) - Type 81C3

Model Name: 81C3

Mfg Date: 17/10/09

MTM: 81C3000LUS

Page 50, 51 of Hardware Maintenance Manual shows the power adapter jack.

For Lenovo YOGA 720-13IKB, the AC power adapter jack is compatible with Type-C USB 3.0 devices.

Service Manual


User Guide


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Loren Watts yes, that is what needs to be done. Not as bad as is may sound, for as long as either you know how to solder, or you know somebody that does. Disassemble the laptop using your service manual or videos like this After that desolder the old connector. Clean the solder pads and replace the connector with some like this This one is costly and you may find a less expensive jack.

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Thank you @oldturkey03 for the research and confirmation. I'm okay with the teardown, but I'd probably get help for the soldering part of the task. Thank you for helping me.


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