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The Sky Viper v950HD Video Drone comes with a high-definition SkyPro Camera made to capture bird's eye view video footage in crisp 720p HD. Released mid to late 2015.

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Hello I have a question for the drone sky viper fury

How do you take the lipo battery off

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Here’s a video that shows how to remove the battery from the drone. Start watching at about 3:14 minutes into the video.

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Thank you but do u also have another video of how to take out the battery from my other drone the sky viper fury and it says model:01943


@Shay Asad

Can't find anything about the model 01943

Found this, look at about 3:50 minutes into the video.

You can also look on YouTube if this is not the correct one

just search for Sky Viper Fury and start watching ;-)


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