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not getting out side temperature projected! Oregon Scientific BAR338PA

Good day

I don’t get the outside temperature reading on the indoor unit Nor the time is synchronized

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Please verify the make and model number of the device?

The user manual has no mention of a temperature display, internal or external.

Have you checked that the batteries (or power supply) for the external temperature sensor, associated with your device are OK?

If it is the device that you selected, have you tried disconnecting the power (or removing the batteries) from the device and then reconnecting (or re-inserting them) and then waiting to see if the time is adjusted to the correct time, proving that the automatic time detection and correction is working? Apparently this may take awhile, as the manual states that the best time for time signal reception is between 00:00 - 04:00 hrs.


Good day :

Pease do accept my apology for including my question in wrong model...( they looked the same)

This is my model #BAR338PA. I did remove the battery from external unit as well as the inside unit and disconnected the power supply.

Then I reinstalled the battery in the out side sensor , pressed the reset button.

Re-installed the battery in the inside unit , pressed the reset , and connected the power supply.

I did notice the outside temperature was displayed for a short period of time only.

the above mentioned procedure was performed after almost 30 min.

Best Regards


Montreal -CANADA


The indoor unit is in my bedroom close to patio door


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Hi @Salem Hendow

You said that "Then I reinstalled the battery in the out side sensor..."

Did you replace them with new ones or just reinsert the existing ones?

If existing ones, I would replace them just to eliminate them as a possible cause.

If still no good then try moving the outdoor sensor closer to the main unit just to see if it registers all the time. It may be that there is a signal that may be interfering with the sender’s signal and confusing the main unit.

Have there been any new appliances installed or structures installed between the sensor and the main unit?

About the radio reception for the time signal, what is the radio signal strength indicator showing, 1, 2, 3 or 4 bars? Has the radio been moved to a different location? Try placing it near a window and check the signal strength

Just trying to eliminate things.

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I have rechargeable batteries, they are good.

(If still no good then try moving the outdoor sensor closer to the main unit just to see if it registers all the time. It may be that there is a signal that may be interfering with the sender’s signal and confusing the main unit.) It used to work perfectly on same location, this occurred suddenly after changing batteries, I did try to relocate the outdoor sensor closer , yet same result!

No new appliance.

Radio strength signal...ZERO, the indoor unit in same location since i got the unit 11 yrs ago.



@Salem Hendow,

Have you always used rechargeable batteries? You say that they are good but can you replace them with new non rechargeable batteries just as a check?

Have you checked that the battery connectors in the sender unit are exerting enough tension on the batteries ensuring a good electrical connection and also that the connectors are bright and shiny and not corroded etc?

Don't know but with the radio reception the user manual says that manually setting the time and date disables the radio reception and synchronization function but it doesn't say how to re-enable it again if you want to, so was wondering if you have tried to reset the main unit as well?

Again just eliminating



I use rechargeable batteries when available.

Time on main unit had to be done manually unlike before it used to change automatically at daylight savings.

On second thought, maybe my Google home mini radio signal is interfering, but I had that long time too and these issues on Oregon units are now.


Hi @Salem Hendow

My suggestion regarding the batteries is because it is not unknown for batteries to test OK "voltage wise" with no load applied, but fail when a load is applied to them

As I said the manual states that the time reception and sync is disabled when manually setting the time so that is why I suggested the main unit be reset.

Without a schematic (I can't find one) it is difficult to know what is happening regarding the radio signal reception or the signal beings sent by the sensor so all you can try is what is available to the user by way of resets and battery replacement and moving the sensor or radio to try and get some idea if anything changes or not and if it does you're one step closer to finding out what may be happening



I replaced the batteries with regular ones and relocated the outside sensor ( brought is inside), disconnected the Google home mini....I got same results, No signal and no reading from outside sensor, No signal for Time and date ( ON THE INDOOR MAIN UNIT).

Please advice.

Best regards



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