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The Sony Bravia KDL-50W685A is a television model produced by Sony.

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Why do I not have sound on any of my hdmi connections,

The video 2 in (RCA jacks, r,y,w) produce video and sound. This makes me think that the HDMI in ports or controllers are bad

This is a Sony BRAVIA, KDL52 S 5100.

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Hi @a0012030 ,

Have you proved that the HDMI signal source device that is connected to the TV is OK by connecting it to another TV or compatible device to check that there is audio coming from its HDMI output, you didn’t say?

Have you tried another HDMI cable just in case the cable is the problem?

Don't know the TV but in the user manual (p113/ of 178 pdf numbering - as no numbers on page) in the Channel menu there is a Control for HDMI setting shown but only says "allows TV to communicate with other equipment that supports control for HDMI. Maybe has nothing to do with audio connection though.

Here's a page from the service manual that shows how to access the self check diagnostic list which perhaps may show if there is a problem with the HDMI or not as detected by the TV.

The manual also has schematics and a parts list which may be of some help.

Hopefully a start.

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