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The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a Tablet/Laptop fusion that was released in 2013. The Surface Pro 2 is the successor of Microsoft's Surface Pro and uses Windows 8.1 through Windows 10.

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Replacement Surface Pro 2 screen lacks camera bracket

The touch functionality has gone a bit wonky on my Surface Pro 2 (I get occasional “phantom touches” down the left side of the screen), so I’ve decided to roll the dice on opening it back up and replacing the LCD assembly.

Looking at the replacement LCDs available (including the ones that iFixit used to sell), they all appear to be missing a plastic bracket that surrounds the space where the the front facing camera peers out of.

I wanted to ask if a) anyone had any idea of how to swap that piece between displays, or if they knew where to buy a replacement or b) what the effect of leaving it off might be. I suspect it might have something to do with the white camera light that comes on when you turn on the front facing camera.

Any help anyone could offer would be appreciated.

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The bracket is held in place by a sticky material, probably some kind of double sided tape. You can jimmy it free, preserving the bracket, using a guitar pick and gentle pressure. The circular part of the bracket, which surrounds the camera hole has no adhesive, so you can easily slip the pick under there, and then move towards the sides where the adhesive is. Heating the bracket first (mildly, don't even get close to the temperature to melt the bracket) using a hairdresser / heatgun may allow you to preserve the original adhesive.

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