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This laptop was released in April of 2004, it is an upgrade of the 1100 series.

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My computer isn’t turning on.

My dell insp. Isn’t turning on

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Steps to take.

  1. Make sure charger is plugged into wall and computer, Press power button
  2. Remove battery and press and hold the power button for 5 seconds then put battery back in then try.
  3. Use multimeter and measure the voltage your charger is putting out to confirm it is working properly. If it is then it will likely be defective battery or a issue with the ram in the machine.

Please explain a little more.

Does the machine show any signs of life? Fans, lights anything working?

If no, then the battery is likely bad or you have a bad motherboard.

if Yes, Then you will want to reseat the ram and try again. If it powers on and you cant see anything try hooking the computer up to an external monitor to see if you get image at all.

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