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Released March 2006, identified by model D620 on the keyboard bezel.

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Which way does the fan blow?

Does the fan in my laptop draw air in or blow it out?

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Your fan should blow air over the heatsink to help it dissipate the heat from the processor. It will draw air in>over the heatsink> and then out.

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i bought a cooling pad you put it onway if your fan blows or flip it if your fun draws air in


still not sure which way to use it.


michelle, the cooling pad should force more fresh (cool) air up into the computer. Since the laptop sits on it, a fan could not draw out any hot air. They do just increase airflow. Always make sure that you have the laptop slightly elevated,especially if you use it while laying down etc., so that you have unobstructed airflow.


thank you so much.


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it should blow inside out(blowing it out)

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