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How to remove plastic shaft cap of the 800CPXL?

I need to replace the security microswitch SP0011048 in my 800CPXL, and I’m not sure how to remove the plastic shaft cap that supports the die cast reamer. I was able to determine the switch was broken without removing the cap (and everything sitting half way inside), but clean removal of the old part & soldering of the new part would be so much easier if I could pull everything out of the housing… Replacement instructions where I bought the part simply say “disassemble the juicer”, and I think the cap is just pressure fitted on top of the shaft, but it’s not budging when trying to pull or pry it off & I don’t want to break it.

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There are two switches in the citrus press. You can dismantle the press by unscrewing the two screws to take away the cap, followed by unscrewing three recessed screws.

After this there are two options to dismantle the rest. Take off the top or the bottom. There are two switches in the citrus press, and the broken microswitch is probably located at the top, so you have to take off the top part. Don’t unscrew the handle and the bar-mechanism, but slowly take the top off.

After this you need a soldering iron, hot-glue gun and heat-shrinking tubing while replacing the switch. The switch is probable placed in between snapfits, and glued with hot-glue.

Good luck

Update (02/28/2021)

PS: Martin, i have the Solis 845 juicer which looks a lot like yours, I could remove the plastic cap very easily just by pulling it off

Step 1: remove the cord holder placed at the bottom

Block Image

Step 2: remove the three recessed screws loosening the bottom and top part from the center piece

Block Image

step 3: pull off the plastic holder:

Block Image

step 4: take of the top part and get access to your switch:

Block Image

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Bas: thank you for the answer, very much appreciated.

It is indeed the top switch—I was able to see it quite clearly when I originally unscrewed the top from the bottom & slightly pulled everything apart, as much as the plastic cap—still in place—would allow. I then tried to pull on the cap, but it wouldn’t move at all. I even thought it may be screwed, but from your picture it seems to be just slipped on top of the inner white one. Did you have to pry it up at the base with a screwdriver, or did you literally just “pull it off”, like you said at step 3?


hey Marcin, the plastic cap slit off very easy. I did not pry or use any kind of tool for it. It might be that the cap is glued to the axle. You can heat up the cap a little to soften the glue. I use the IOpener to heat up glued parts, but you can also make use of a hairdryer. I would not use a paint burner, that might be too hot.


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