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Das Samsung Galaxy A40 wurde im April 2019 veröffentlicht.

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Samsung Galaxy A40 water damage

My phone has got water damage and now the screen isn’t working, I can here it start up and everything, it is locked so I can’t get any data out. Can anyone come help me?

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Because you have water damage you connection between the screen and actual phone can be broken. Because an a40 is a pretty cheap phone it isn't worth to repair and you can better buy a new phone. You can try to connect your phone with your usb c cable and check on your computer to get any data but I'm not sure.

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A new Samsung Galaxy A40 is going to cost you at least 250 euros, if it's still available in the first place. A new original Samsung screen costs around a 100 euros. It is quite clear, therefore, that replacing your screen is the most economical option here. And then we didn't even start about the costs that come with discarding your phone every time something breaks and buying a new one. Where do you think the phone will go? Most of the times it ends up in a landfill, which definitely costs us all more than getting yourself a new screen and fixing it yourself! Gaining the repair knowledge and the satisfaction of fixing your own stuff is priceless!


But the a40 is outdated. And software updates will stop soon.


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