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Repair guides and support for your Philips TV.

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How do I troubleshoot disappearing picture on my TV?

TV is Philips, Model No.: 50PFL3008H/12

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When I turn my TV on I get sound and picture no problem. However after about 10 minutes the picture disappears. When I shine a flashlight on the screen I can see silhouettes. I don’t understand why does it happen after some time of running. Any Idea?

What also worries me is the power board. I can hear quite annoying high-pitch buzzing and right above it there is a black ‘trail’ from heat, I assume. This is my first open TV so I have no idea if it’s normal or not.

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What I would like to find out is how do I determine what is the issue causing the picture to disappear and is the power board ok?


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Replace the board unless you have some circuit board repair experience. Here’s one possible source:




Most of the searches bring up the Vestel 171ps20 but not the Vestel 171ps20p.

“P” for Philips?

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Do you think it could potentially cause the disappearing picture? Due to overheating it doesn't provide enough power to the backlight or something like that?



TV's are not my area of expertise but yes that power board looks defective.

It is burnt! You get burns marks or leakage because a component has overheated to the point of burning out.

Now the part shown in your photo may have other related failed components associated with it.

Unless you know what you are doing reading the schematic just replace the whole board.


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