Why won't my phone ring for a certain number.

Why won't my phone ring for a certain number, when it is NOT blocked and it doesn't show up on my call log but they leave a message because my voicemail answers.

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Don't know but is there any i/c call notification in the phone call log that has the same time (or very close to the same time) that the Voicemail message is recorded?

Wondering if the caller is forwarding their number when calling you. It may be that for some reason if their number is not being forwarded (blocked by them?) then it won't show as a contact in your phone but as a "private" number or number unknown.

If there is no call at the same time is the phone still in range (bad signal area perhaps) at that time and has not lost signal temporarily so that the call is diverted to Voicemail due to no contact with the phone.

What is the ring time delay set in Voicemail before the Voicemail answers the call >15 seconds?

Just trying to eliminate things


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