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Zerlege- und Reparaturanleitungen für die Nespresso CitiZ Kapselmaschine. Sie ist unter verschiedenen Markennamen, z.B. Krups oder DeLonghi erhältlich.

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Where is the block in the machine?

My Nespresso Citiz stopped making coffee. I descaled it according to directions with descaling powder. I removed airlock using YouTube instructions. The water goes through without a capsule. Once I put a capsule in, there seems to be a blockage and the machine only drips a few drops then stops. I’ve been using a stainless steel reusable capsule for several months now with no problem. I made sure holes in the capsule were not blocked and I also tried putting in less coffee in the pod.

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I think I answered my own question. The coffee was ground too fine. I wasted a lot of coffee but I think I finally calibrated my burr grinder to the right setting for espresso. Before I used ground coffee but I just started grinding my own beans.

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