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Released on June 23, 1996, Model NUS-001, 64-bit gaming console

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Certain games flickering through a HDMI adapter

Please could someone explain why certain games are flickering when ran through my RCA to HDMI adapter. To explain in a little more detail I’m running my PAL N64 through an adapter to my 2019 Samsung 4k tv, nearly all games work fine and have a decent picture however 2 games that i’ve noticed (Super Smash Bros & Goldeneye) make the screen continually flicker and scroll. Thanks in advance

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Having the exact same problem with Mario 64/goldeneye after cleaning all console and cartridges. Did you manage to solve this? Thanks

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Sadly not, I got fed up not being able to solve the issue with the hdmi adapter so found an old tv and got rid. For me 99% certain it was the adapter that was the issue rather than the console/game given no issues since. Not very helpful I’m afraid but that’s the update


Thanks for replying @mrmax09 yeah I think I’m gonna be giving up and finding an old telly myself


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