Non-Unibody, Core Duo & Core 2 Duo Processors

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Can it be done

I have a Macbook pro Intel core duo machine that I would like to upgrade to a Intel Core duo2 is this difficult?


Hi Mayer,

The last line of your post is exactly what I want to do, so firstly how do I achieve a terminal line change and are there any negatives.

The machine is an Intel core Duo Model A1151 serial number W86204KFTHY.

Perhaps you can also solve a little puzzle, that on my iMac 24" running Lion, the default is that the machine will start up and open progs I was running at the time of shutdown. Can this be changed so that I have to tell the machine to do this.

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Yes, it would be fairly difficult and expensive. Off the top of my head you would have to replace, along with the logic board, the upper case, lower case, keyboard, left I/O board, many of the cables in the display, right and left fans, hard drive cable, and more.

At that point you have to weigh whether the upgrade is more cost effective than just buying a new laptop or just be content with what you have until it breaks.

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Although the processor is integrated into the logic board and can't be changed, switching logic boards within the same model number machines usually involves just the logic board. Matt got a little carried away. Look on the back of the case for your model number or give us the last three figures of your serial number and we can let you know what might be available for your machine. By the way, if your just upgrading to get to 10.7, there's a terminal line change that will allow installation.

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Colin wanted to change from a Core Duo to a Core 2 Duo. This is a change in model number as the Core Duo's are model A1151 and Core 2 Duo's are model A1212 and above. That's why I gave the details on all the parts that need to be swapped. That's my understanding anyway.


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