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SCREEN SIZE 46" (117cm), 16:9 TV SYSTEM Digital: DVB-TAnalog: B/G, D/K, I,L,M Year: 2012-2013 http://www.sony.com.sg/electronics/support/televisions-projectors-lcd-tvs/kdl-46hx855/specifications

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TV doesn’t turn on and no power/standby light

My 3 years old Sony Bravia KDL55W650D doesn’t turned on after I turned it off by remote controlThere is no red power/ standby light..tried resetting tv, but it doesn’t help. Is there any hardware issue that can be easily fixed?

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This do sound like the Power supply board which is broken.

Please refer to: https://servlib.com/sony/tv/kdl-46hx855-...

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