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Erschienen am 21. Juli 20122. Core i5 oder i7 Prozessoren. Thunderbolt. Dieser Mini kann auch als Mac Mini Server gefahren werden.

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Issues with ram upgrade

This is the Mac mini Server 2011 i7 Model.

So I bought this kit.


The issue is the following. When I put a 8GB module on the bottom slot. I get the 3 beeps 5 seconds pause error. When I put it on the top module it works.

So now I have the original 2 GB stick on the bottom slot and a 8GB module on the top slot. The computer is working and it says it has 10GB of Ram.

Nonetheless I don’t understand why the bottom slot doesn’t work with the 8GB module?

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RAM slots in almost all computers has a certain arrangement in which they need to be populated. In standard ATX-like motherboards with 4 slots you put a single stick in the 2nd from the left slot, two sticks go in the 2nd and 4th slot and four sticks fully populate the slots. In the mac mini, they way you describe it, a single DIMM should populate the top slot and two DIMMs populate both slots. It’s just a wiring thing in the motherboard.

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