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Der Nintendo DS Lite kam 2006 als Nachfolger des Nintendo DS auf den Markt. Er ist leicht zu öffnen und leicht zu reparieren.

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Could the reason for my DS lite crashing be a faulty top screen?

For a very long time i had given up on my DS lite. I did not have the skills when i was younger to tear it apart to fix it.

My DS lite whenever i would play a game or sometimes even before i hit the game it would crash and if there as sound that sound would crash as well.

First thinking it might be something on the logic board i took it apart now years later when the issue still persists to check for damages or shorts.

Note, I am still a novice when it comes to repairing pcbs or electronics this way, but I have done it before.

The multimeter I have is not very good but got the job done, and on the actual logic board there were no shorts on the capacitors or the resistors. There were also no visible damage to the board or modules and no liquid damage either.

I ruled out the possibility of damaged game card reader as the games read fine and could play games for sometimes up to 30 minutes before it crashed.

Thinking of buying a new logic board i started thinking of the top screen. The top screen is connected with the speakers and its ribbon cable had to be thread carefully through a thight hole to get out.

So, here is the question:

Is it possible that a faulty top screen might cause games and the DS itself to crash?

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Hello Håvard,

it is posible that a faulty connection to the upper LCD causes your DS to crash.

Maybe the ribbon cable to the upper LCD is damaged.

Does the crash occurs when you fold the top screen?

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It is rather random, however it crashes in game and before i hit games, so I just guessed it was not the card reader


I don't think it's the card reader either. Maybe give it a try with a new LCD


@uschi_bloom Thank you for the answers :))


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