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My electric kettle stopped heating

My electric kettle stopped heating. All of its buttons still lit up easily, yet didn’t heat. I thought I could take it apart to fix it, but nothing looks obviously wrong to me. If anyone has experience and sees anything that could be replaced please let me know. Thanks!

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Hi @tnemi,

What is the make and model number of the kettle?

Most likely either the heater element has burned out or perhaps the thermostat cut-off switch is faulty.

You would have to dis-assemble it further i.e. remove or loosen the circuit board so that you can access the wiring to the element so that it can be checked with a DMM (digital multimeter) and also check the cut-off switch etc. as nothing looks untoward in the image that you posted.

The hard part with most electric kettles is sourcing replacement parts, as they are considered to be “disposable” by the manufacturer and there usually are none available, but you can only try.

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Thanks jayeff! It looks like they've discontinued it, and I'm having a hard time finding any model number but this is their page on it https://willowandeverett.com/blogs/blog/...

I don't have a DMM myself, but thank you for the response!


Look on eBay for one as similar as possible, and use the parts from that.

The element on my Petra Mk.I kettle gave up the ghost; I found a Petra Mk.II on eBay.de for Euro 4, and it fitted right in. The change between the two versions was only cosmetic (the handle was different).


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