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Modell A1990 / EMC 3359. Kam im Mai 2019 mit neuen 6-core oder 8-core Prozessoren heraus.

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Flexgate on MacBook Pro 2019?

Hi I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019) and today when I turned it on, I am greeted by this nightmare.

Block Image

But as I tilted the lid, things got better.

Block Image

Could this be Flexgate at play? I am dreading taking it to AppleCare.

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Similar, yet different issue. 14 months into a MBP 2019 16 inch screen, opened it up and dozens of vertical multicolor lines. Closing to about 45 degrees, the normal screen returned but the bottom third was pulsating. Took it to Apple store: $686 for a new clamshell, a local mac repair shop wanted $975! It is now at MicroCenter being looked at. Owned Macs for decades, never had such a catastrophic failure in so short a time.


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Nope not the FlexGate issue! But just as bad.

The Design Flaw Behind MacBook Pro’s “Stage Light” Effect. This is a FlexGate screen:

Block Image

Your system might still be covered under warranty as Apple had a run of bad displays (T-CON’s). Can you get to an Apple Store? I would do so ASAP.

Otherwise this will be an expensive repair as the full display assembly will need to be replaced..

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Thanks for the feedback. I took it to an Apple Store and the guy there just wanted to replace the full display assembly. But, that was before I educated myself about the display disasters Apple has experienced of late. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I will return to Apple with more assertiveness next time.


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