Upgrading a mid 2011 27” iMac to run macOS Big Sur

As I did previously with my mid 2007 20” iMac, let’s weigh in if it’s worth it to upgrade a mid 2011 27” iMac to run macOS Big Sur.

The specs:

Block Image

Price: Picked this beauty up for $225.

  1. CPU: 2.7 GHz Core i5 (I5-2500S)
  2. Ram: 4 GB DDR3-1333
  3. GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512mb GDDR5 memory
  4. Hardrive: 1TB HDD
  5. Optical Drive: 8X DL "SuperDrive"
  6. Bluetooth and Wifi: Bluetooth 2.1 and 802.11n

What I have ordered for the iMac to do the upgrade.

  1. CPU: I’m leaving that as is for now.
  2. Ram: Upgrade for a total of 12 GB - I have some extra ram laying around but for OWC ram it would be $42.99
  3. GPU: NVIDIA QUADRO K2100M 2GB GDDR5 memory - $64.99 (I will have to flash this once installed)
  4. Hard drive: 1TB SSD- $89 plus a 250 GB SSD for macOS. Already own this one but I paid $17.61 for the “iMac to sata” cable to use in the extra port on the logic board.
  5. Optical Drive: Keeping the original.
  6. Bluetooth and wifi: BCM94360CD Dual Band For Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac. - $35.99 (including adapter)

GPU will be here tmrw so I’ll start with that. Hopefully the flash goes well and it works ?

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