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Reparaturanleitungen und Hilfestellungen für Smartphones, die Google unter seinem eigenen Namen veröffentlicht hat.

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Pixel 5 repair kit?

Will iFixit be stocking a Pixel 5 screen repair kit, or does anyone know where I can get a replacement screen assembly? I cracked the screen back before Christmas (managed to impact on the bottom edge where the screen protector doesn’t cover) and am reluctant to send the handset off for repair.

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Same boat here... :( Watching


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Hello Ed,

Since the phone is new, parts and guides are not available, in the next 2-5 when iFixit can make the parts and guides then they will sell kits and provide instructions. I tried to find some on other websites but the only options are to either call a third-party but most likely they will not have parts, send it to Google for fixing or buy a pixel 5 off eBay used and take its screen. If you can live with it for a few months then I would recommend just living with it for a few months until parts are available for us to buy.

Happy Fixing!


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