Black screen when powered on, wont boot into recovery mode either :(

My Macbook pro 13” 2014 model had a fault with the internal ssd, it just wouldn’t show up 99% of the time ( sometimes would boot for some reason?!) so have been booting from an external HDDrive which is taken from my 2012 MBP which now runs a new upgraded solid state internal drive.

Purchased a new 480GB OWC SSD that I installed today and was in the process of cloning the external drive on the the new SSD using Carbon Copy Cloner, was asked to format drive before cloning so chose AFPS believing this to be the correct path, started this process when it then ‘shutdown unexpectedly’. Upon restarting again from the external drive the new installed SSD no longer showed up on the CCC menu.

At this point I shut it down and made dinner.

Now just getting a black screen after the initial startup chime, tried the steps on this page

Booting into safe mode etc but nothing is working.

If anyone has any answers or ideas on this it would be much obliged as I’m trying to get this machine running for my sister to have for college work.

Thanks !

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Take a flashlight and aim it through the lids Apple Logo, do you see your desktop and it's icons?


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