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This device is a personal paper shredder manufactured by Fellowes, Inc. in 2005. The shredder has the capability of shredding 7 sheets of paper at once as well as credit cards, identification cards, and cards likewise of the same thickness.

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What are the gear part numbers?

The primary and secondary gear teeth are stripped, do you have any idea what the part numbers are? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of. Thanks!

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I had a look around and couldn’t find any part numbers for the gears. The best thing you can do is count the teeth, measure the diameter and thickness and check if you can find a similar gear is a specialty shop that sells gears. Do note there are different type of teeth, so also pay attention to the form of those.

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What are the "tenths" that you're referring to?

I've only counted teeth so far (12/50). Once i get the dimensions, do you know of any sites that are set up to search by dimensions?



Oops, I meant teeth there. I've seen this website passing by in some other forums https://www.hpcgears.com/ but I think if you know the diameter & amount of teeth you could do a google search with that and get some results to sites that have advanced filtering.


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