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Ein Mittelklasse-Smartphone von Samsung aus dem Jahr 2019

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A30 and A50 Screw Size

Does anyone know the screw size of the Galaxy A50 or A30? I am aware that the length is 4mm on both of them for the midframe however I am unsure of the head size (eg M1.0 or M1.2). If anybody knows the size it would be much appreciated as I am repairing an a50 with no midframe screws.

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I’m not sure if anyone measured the thread specifications because all those screws are so small it’s difficult to put a thread gauge on. Can’t you get away by just buying a full screw set for the A30 & A50? I have seen them passing by in some of the usual places like eBay.

I’ve seen some “cellphone” screw sets passing around as well with an assortment of screws, but those range from M1.0 to M1,7 so it will be difficult to know exactly what screws you need unless you can measure it or you get a specific screw set for your device.

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