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Kitchenaid wafflemaker power supply pcb

Block Image

I have a Kitchen Aid wafflemaker KPWB100O-B00 with afailed power supply pcb with a burned resistor and can not find the Ohm value of the resistor as the heat damaged the colours. Can not by a new pcb, I have tried but it is to old. Attached is a picture of the pcb with the resistor named R3.

It failed when I connected a 220V to 110V converter, the converter was for ”non heating, non electronic use only”. I did not know that when I plugged it in. I need help to determine the Ohm value of the R3 resistor.

Update (02/04/2021)

Hi jayeff, adding 2 pictures with numbers

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @thonil1 ,

What is the "board number" of the power board, as printed on the board?

Searching online has revealed that it is known as Cord, Power (including MOV board), KitchenAid part #8212256 as shown in this link

When searching using the manufacturer's part number there are no relevant results i.e ones with images of the board so that the resistor may hopefully be seen.

Maybe by searching for the "board number" perhaps you will get results with images as the board seems to be used in a lot of other "brands" of waffle makers as well.

Just a thought.

For what it's worth, here's the service manual, not that it helps in this case or that I think that you may need it to disassemble the waffle maker ;-)


Hi @thonil1 ,

Can't find anything when searching for J23MB rev. 4C which looks like the board number.

Searching for E105119 gives results for a lot of power boards but none look like yours.

Wondering if you should try a 220 Ohm 5% 2W resistor (same as R5) and check if that works.

I think that 2W power rating should be sufficient. The size of the resistor in the image is a bit hard to know whether it is 1W or 2W so using the higher value won't matter if it is wrong.

The worst that can happen is that it burns out again.

Maybe worth a try if nothing else shows up.

There's not even any waffle makers with the same model number, faulty or otherwise for sale on Ebay etc that if the price were right could be used as a "donor" or any videos on YouTube showing disassembly that may have helped

Can't think of anything else to try and look for.



Hi again, I replaced the resistor with a 120 ohm 5% unknown watt.

Connected the power and the fuse in the wall socket blew upp. I checked the pcb and the big circular yellow resistor(overvoltage protection?) had blown up, black, soothy and split in half. Scrathing my head now and wonder what to do.............



I did suggest a 220 Ohm and not a 120 Ohm unless it was a typo by you just now.

The yellow MOV is a 14N271K (find jvr-14N271K in the list to view the specs).

The only one I could find was this but you may be able to find one with very similar specifications as the supplier is in South Africa.

You may have to start doing point to point testing with an Ohmmeter (power disconnected from board) and check if there is a short circuit or low resistance path on the input that caused the fuse to blow and the MOV as well. If it were only the resistor that was the problem I would've expected it to heat up rapidly and burn out so there may be something else wrong that is not obvious.


thanks jayeff for all the help, I tried the 120 ohm before I read your advises, I guess I go deeper in to the pcb using the ohmmeter


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Hi @thonil1

I had a look on other KitchenAid pcbs online and all the beefy resistors on them at R3 are 10kOhm (5%) resistors.

Colour code should be


Hope it helps!

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That’s great! I will replace the varistor and get 10k ohm resistor and give it a try


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