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The Buick Enclave is a full-size luxury crossover SUV launched in 2007. The Enclave, the GMC Acadia, and Chevrolet Traverse all share the GM Lambda platform. The Enclave was previewed as a concept car, making it the first Lambda vehicle to be displayed.

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radio jumps to aux mode

I notice my Aux cable connector is loose and the radio frequently changes modes by itself jumping radio stations to Aux Mode on the radio display. Any advice how to fix this?

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I drive a dodge journey 2017 and my radio keeps changing over to aux while I drive it I know I need to check it but can I still drive my car.



Have you checked that there's nothing connected to the aux jacks in the rear of the centre console that may be triggering the change?

If you have the remote control unit for the radio try removing its battery or leave it out of the vehicle in case it is a faulty button on the remote

Aside from the annoyance whilst driving it is still safe to drive the car.


No nothing is hooked in the part were a auxiliary cord goes in


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With a lot of radios the aux input socket has an internal contact which is operated when the aux cable plug is inserted. This sends a signal to change the input source.

Most likely if the socket is loose the contact connection or the wiring connected to it, is touching something that it shouldn’t, simulating a cable being inserted.

The radio would need to be removed from the dash and opened and the socket checked and made secure again or if broken then replaced.

What is the year model of the vehicle and is it the stock radio or after market one?

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My deck has no aux socket i found it as a lose wire in the dashboard behind the deck


Did u still drive it


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