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Overheats and shuts off. Can I replace the Gpu or Cpu on these

I’ve had this AMD Aspire v5 for a long time and always had heat issues. Nowadays the fans can’t keep it below 100c. I’ve tried replacing thermal paste, that had helped previously, but not anymore. I also noticed that the Cpu wants to go to 3600 mhz or then it will be locked on 900 mhz. I’m guessing the 900 mhz is an anti-damage feature, but as soon as I remove the AC that will reset since I am using it without cmos and battery. I’d love to get this laptop working again. Amd runs so hot, but for integrated there is no other option.

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Why no CMOS - battery I presume as you don't say? It is kind of important.

You also don't say if you have cleaned or replaced the fan.

And is it possible that you used TOO MUCH heat paste, as this is a common mistake?


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Replacing GPU or CPU won’t necessarily fix the issue. A GPU could actually make your CPU temps worse.

There could be only two reasons. Either there is a problem with the cooling system, or the components are heating up to the point your PC’s cooling system can’t handle it. In this guide, it will be giving solutions to overheating issues.

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