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Released in June 2016 with the internal code name of GP104-200-A1, the GTX 1070 features 7.2 billion transistors along with 8 GB of GDDR5 video memory.

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I have 2 Evga 1070 hybrid in sli, one is running 6k rpm the other 1k

For reference both of them state they are at 28 percent power, one is just running super high rpms.

I have changed the Pcie slot, upgraded the bios, attempted Rma, used every fan control software I could find. The problem lies with the blower fan, not the hybrid fan.

I did order a replacement fan but when it came in, today, it was a 4 pin fan and says Msi.

I don’t know if I am making the right decision doing a teardown as I have no idea what size pin is inside the 1070, and Evga told me that the card can actually operate at that rpm indefinitely. The noise is just driving me nuts.

I have watched teardowns before and do have the required materials, Im just not sure if I should. 6000rpm as much as I sit at my pc just does not feel sustainable.

Any Help would be supremely appreciated!!!

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Just in case this happens to anyone else.

I took the gpu apart and discovered that one of the wires into the 4 pin plug had been dislodged.

It was effectively in 100 percent mode constantly.

I hooked the wire back in and secured it. I did put in a new fan though I am not sure it was needed.

Now it works perfectly.

Good luck!

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