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Problem with blue ray player disk drive opening

Block Image

Block Image

My blue ray player is not opening the disk drive normally. I took it apart and found that it will open the disk drive if the metal top is removed as shown in the pictures. But if this top isn’t on it can’t read the disk. If I put in a disk while it is open then slide the top on after it seems to work fine. It will play the disks and will even open and close. But if I take out the disk and close it, it goes back to not opening again. I appreciate any help.

Side note: I got this player used and it seemed to work fine when I started using it. I got a universal remote and programmed it with the player and it seems the problem started after doing that. Although I’m not sure if one caused the other.

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Hi! Jimmy

Try download the user manual and find out how to download and install the firmware. Then download the firmware and install the same according to the instructions. Good luck!

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