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Why is my engine stalling and shut down?

When I start the car, it keeps running for a few minutes, then it starts hiccuping and stalls down. Same when placed on gear. Please help.

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What model and engine is it?

It will either be an air flow or fuel related concern.

Do you get any warnings on the dash?

Sufficient fuel in system?

Engine oil level correct?

Does the engine rev fine?

Have you tried running it with the air intake hose removed?


add to that:

a fuel pump issue

an air leak in the fuel line

a blocked air filter

bad or dirty injectors


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could be a number of things, any particular driving cause it to happen or anything which may help pinpoint it i.e does it get up to temp, any odd noises or does it stop at a certain point of driving?

First thing I would do check all serviceable parts like filters and include the fuel filters, plugs and air system to rule out any blockages. If it hasn’t been serviced recently then get it done, may help the issue. Most common things would be air, fuel, compression in the combustion chamber is having an issue.

Other possibilities could be a vacuum leak (if its turbocharged), faulty crank position sensor, faulty coolant sensor, alternator issues or at a long shot if the timing if slightly off it can cause an engine to stall but usually there’s other tell tale factors with that but depending on mileage could be worth a check if all other possibilities haven been looked at.

if its any sensor for the engine like the crank sensor or any others related to the engine itself they will usually throw up a CEL light and an OBD2 code reader will indicate you in the right direction.

with injected engines now days rather than carburettors its pretty hard to stall an engine whilst its running from common things like fuelling as the ECU will try and rectify the combustion process by altering air fuel ratio and other small parameters so any faults on the engine should be quite easy to find if the problem is around there.

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