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Mobilversion von Apples iPad Air der 2. Generation. Modellnummer A1567

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Battery replaced with iFixit kit but doesn’t appear to charge.

Hi, I finally had the courage to gut open the iPad Air 2 that still had an original but dead apple battery.

I followed the instructions on the website, it wasn’t hard but it was just time consuming. The charger is connected but no sign of life. The screen remains black. Does it take a long time to charge and boot for the first time ? How can I troubleshoot and find out if I broke something or if the new battery is defective?

edit: I didn’t remove the adhesive of the back of the battery nor replaced the ones around the bezels for testing purposes for fairly obvious reasons.

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Block Image

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thank-you for taking the time to reply . I followed your advice and redid all the connections but the results remained unchanged. So I just sent an email to iFixit EU. I’ll keep you posted.


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New batteries always come with a charge, this is to protect the battery itself from damaging itself. Of course voltage will drop over time. First things first, double check that all the connectors are firmly in place, they should give a small click sound. But don’t put too much pressure on them as you can damage them easily.

If all the connectors are connected properly, it could be possible that you received a bad battery (it happens). Simply contact iFixit with all the information you have, what you troubleshooted and they should replace it for you.

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Got a replacement and it worked like a charm. Many thanks for your advice.


Good news :D happy to hear your device got fixed!


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