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Repair guides and support for the Elite X2 1013 G3, a highly repairable tablet PC by HP. It's a tablet notebook with a detachable keyboard.

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Screen assembly ribbon cable disconnect

I broke my screen and bought a replacement. The new screen requires the old, what i presume is the digitizer. I need to disconnect the two larger ribbon cables, but i cant figure out how without breaking them. Does anyone know?

Block Image

Update (02/18/2021)

Old and new lcd

Block Image

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Hi @runarsj ,

Not sure but I think the cables come as part of the display panel assembly so perhaps they are permanently attached to the display panel’s touchboard connectors and shouldn’t be removed.

The display parts list shown on p.19 of the maintenance and service guide shows that the display panel (depending on model) includes the privacy panel (or panel), touch board, IR bezel, LCD cable, and touch control cable.

The manual shows that the cables are disconnected from the appropriate systemboard zif cable connectors (see p.35) and not from the display panel board. Zif connectors usually have a locking bar that needs to be flipped up to release the cable, but the connectors shown in the image you posted don’t appear to have one.

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Hi @jayeff, and thanks for your comment!

The replacement LCD came without the display board, only the ribbon cables from the display to the board are present. They seem detachable somehow, but i cant figure out the mechanism.



Your second image shows the connectors a bit better when zoomed in.

It looks like there is a locking bar over the top of the cable but i assume that you have tried to prise it up and flip it back away from the cable entry as there seems to be some marks as though a spudger has been placed under the bar to try and lift it up from the cable


I figured it out, the black part of the connector is the lock handle. Put something underneath it and just push it up. Broke of some of the grey part figuring this out, crossing my fingers it doesnt affect the connection severily :)


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