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How do I remove the keys on my MacBook Pro 13" M1 (Magic Keyboard)

A few crumbs dropped into my keyboard and i've been trying to get it out. Does anyone know how to remove keys without breaking them (I have an ifixit kit with opening picks if that helps)? I don’t want the crumbs to cause future problems so I wanted to try to remove them. Also my MBP has the new scissor keys (magic keyboard).

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I would hold the system upside down and using a can of can’ed air with short soft blasts spray the keys starting on one side and work across. See if that helps.

You may need to try each direction: left to right, then right to left, top to bottom and lastly, bottom to top.

Popping off the keycap is a delicate operation! If it gets to that point I would first try bring it into an Apple authorized shop or Apple Store, letting them give it a go. This way if they mess up, they owe you a repair Vs you having to pay for a new uppercase $$$

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Flathead screwdriver and a ball peen hammer.

Wedge the screwdriver under the key and tap the butt end of the screwdriver with the ball peen hammer gently.

The keys should easily pop off ☺️

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@hughdemann - Very funny! But let's give Jorden proper advice!


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Here is a good video tutorial on removing keycaps from Magic Keyboard (Macbook Air 2020, but same keyboard with the new scissor switches):


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