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Pencil by 53 battery replacement?

Is anyone familiar with the Pencil by 53? It’s a Bluetooth art stylus for iOS devices that was discontinued in 2016, and has no relation to the Apple Pencil. I have one, and I have some old versions of apps that support it, but the battery is worn out from age and the stylus only works for a few minutes.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to open it non-destructively, and where to source a replacement battery.

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I have the same stylus and the battery is very easy to remove and replace if you pull on the tip (the same way you would to charge) the battery together with the tip will come out then you will notice that the tip has a twist mechanism, (also used to switch the tip) if you remove the battery module and the tip all that’s left to do is find a replacement part.

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Oh, that half is just the battery? I've never torn the stylus all the way down so I thought a significant portion of the electronics were inside that part, so I could get it open and replace just the cell.


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