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Device page for Breville Dual Boiler BES900 - BES900XL, encompassing repair guides and troubleshooting help. Released in 2018.

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How do I open the underside of the machine.

I’ve noticed ants coming in and out of a hole near where the water tray sits. I’ve been trying to get the bottom off the machine by removing every screw in sight, but the locking/unlocking wheel is the only thing stopping it from coming up. I can’t seem to take the wheel off, or loosen it up.

any help appreciated.


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Don’t know the answer but here’s a link to the parts for a BES900 that has two .pdf diagrams showing all the parts so perhaps they may give a clue as to how to remove the drip tray.

Hopefully this is of some help until a more definitive answer comes along.

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Plug on the top surface of the knob(the one that lifts the roller up). It has a screw under it.

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See comment below about screw under twistey knob under drainage tray. Think there's also screws in the rubber feet under the machine.

Also, If you need to get into the inside where all the boilers are, 2 screws are on the back, top they are special torx head but you can get them open with a hex. There is a third once the back upper cover comes off that gives you access to the lower part of the housing. One of these plates is attached with an earth cable, just eave it attached. Once you get the upper back panel off you may want to remove the top, this just lifts out from memory.

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