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A Turbosteam iron by Morphy Richards.

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No steam coming out of my steam generator iron

Morphy Richards steam generator iron has stopped steaming

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Hi Susan,

Your steam vents might be clogged. You need to descale the iron. You can either buy descaler solutions or make your own. The simplest and most cost effective way is to mix distilled vinegar and distilled water 50/50 in a cup and use it as a solution.

Make sure you unplug the iron beforehand. Also empty the water container in the iron.

Pour the solution in the iron. Look at the bottom of the iron where the vents are and use a toothbrush or a bamboo skewer to clean the holes.

Switch on the iron and set it to max heat, let the solution heat up and dissolve the limescale that possibly have built up in your iron until it starts flowing through. Burts the steam out good number of times until it stops producing little sand-like particles. You can do this over a thick towel.

Then unplug your iron and pour out the remaining descaler/home made solution and wipe off the soleplate once it cooled down.

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Thankyou so much will try to do that now


Thanks but it didn't work for me


Burts into burst


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is it getting hot enough? It must be set past the minimum steam temp and reach that temp..........assuming there is water in it.

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I have applied a of the above , although my iron is on ( it's not hot yo touch) everything is hot. My iron won't go to descale light .What am I doing wrong?


There is water in it with the vinegar as advised


There is water in it with the vinegar as advised Have done all that you have advised


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