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How long does it take to charge my newly installed battery to 100%

Just replaced my battery. Eazy peazy. Ifixit directions say to charge to 100% and to keep charging then for 2 more hours. No problem, except - how do I know when it is 100%? How many hours does it take? Some people say 2. Some say 24 hrs. Help would be appreciated.

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Hi @shaliajojo ,

The charge time for a battery will depend on how much charge it had in it before it was started to be charged. With some it may take up to 4-6 hours if the battery was old and nearly completely discharged but taking nearly 24 hours would indicate either a problem with the charger, the charging circuit or the battery.

Not sure with your model but doesn’t the charge light on the laptop change colour from orange to white when it is fully charged?

When the battery is fully charged, check its status by creating a Win 10 battery report and compare the Design Capacity versus the Full Charge capacity to make sure that the battery is OK. They should be nearly identical in value

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The battery meter on the laptop should show the current percentage. It may also show estimated time until full charge.

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So funny - I didn't think I was "supposed" to turn it on when I was charging. TY


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